Monday, January 21, 2013

The Stranger

Katrina sounding great up there don't you think?

Yes, yes,  but what did you put in my drink?
It's what you usually order.  Why, does it taste different?

No, but can you make it a double?

A double!  That might not be such a good idea you being the mayor and all.

I just want to make sure if that lovely vision coming through the door is the result of this drink, I don't want it to end.

Max looks up and across the bar.
She walks in slowly, stops and searches the place. Her dress like a glove fitting every curve of her body.
Her walk slow and graceful.
She looks over at Katrina singing on stage and smile.

Her step quickens as she makes her way to the bar.

Armando is the first to speak.

Hello, I'm Armando, the mayor of this fine city. What brings to Segnarts City?
Business, she replies looking over both the men.

Well I'm sure I can help you with any type of business you need in this city.  That fine bartender over there is Maxwell.  He runs a real classy place.  How about a drink?

No thank you, maybe later.   I'm Tempie, Katrina business manager and friend.  Just got in from New York and I was told I could find Katrina here.

Well you found her.  She's here about 3 nights a week.

Nice place, but a far cry from the clubs she sings at in New York.

So why are looking for Katrina, Max asks?
We need her back in New York.

But you know she came back to take care of her sick mother - right?

Yes, I know, that's why this is so hard.

What's so important?

I really need to talk to her first.

And what about her mother, Max wanted to know?

I plan to step in while she is gone and care for her mother.



I don't think you know what you are up against.

I think I do.  I know more than you realize.

Max and Armando look at each other in disbelief.

She sounds so beautiful tonight.

Armando and Maxwell are really worried.  Something up.
Tempie watches Katrina as she sings.

Katrina knows something up as she catches Tempie looking up at her.
Her voice quivers as a cold breeze sends chills through her body.

Katrina looks over at Maxwell and begins singing Harvest Moon

As much as she was glad to see her friend she knew her visit meant something.
All these years of knowing Tempie she could never convince her to visit Segnarts.
She would say she was allergic to small towns.

Tempie watched on

Finally, the song ended.  Katrina motioned for Tempie to follow her back to her dressing room.

They embraced.
Why are you here?
We need you back in New York.
I was afraid of that, but you know there is no way I can leave my mother.
That's why I came.  I plan to stay here in your place. You didn't tell me your town was loaded with such good-looking men.
Stay away from the bartender.
Oh, are you two a couple?
No, but we will be.  Just not sure how long it will take for us to get there.

OK, deal.  The mayor will do.
But you can't stay here.  How will you deal with the Trader?
Katrina, you know I'm pretty powerful.  My people have dealt with Traders before and we've never lost.
I will work on recovering your mother's bottle while you go to New York.

What's in New York that is so important.
Well, I think it is your chance of a lifetime.  I have this client who wants you to sing at the opening of his club.
I had never heard of him until a couple of months ago, but I understand he is connected with every important in New York state and in the country.  He insists you sing opening weekend.  He is willing to pay triple, provide you with the best dressing room and guarantee you a contract with one of the major studios.

This sounds too good to be true.  How does he know about me?
He claims he has heard you sing several times.  You captivated him.  Look, I know this is unusual, but I believe it's finally your chance to breakout.

I'm afraid, I will have to miss this opportunity. You know how much my mother is depending on me.
I have a whole town survival at hand.  I can't just leave to sing at some bar.  Not now.

Look Katrina. I can handle this. All I need to do is get your mother's bottle back. Once I do that, her strength will return. By that time you will have finished the assignment and will be back in time to help her and me kick this Trader into the next universe.  I promise.

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