Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Protector

Katrina entered her mother's study.
Mother! What are you doing out of bed?

Katrina, what is the use of me lying in bed to die.  I have maybe 3 months left and I want to spend the time among the things I love most.

You sound as if you don't have faith in me.

I do my darling, but this Trader is stronger than any I have every known.  He is strong enough to unbalance everything in our world with his early arrival.  If he alone can accomplished this feat, he will be too strong for you to handle.

That's why I'm here.  I have someone who can help us.

Wait.  Did you allow a Protector into my house?

Yes, mother.

I want her out! I want her out NOW!

She is here to help and she can.

Why would a Protector help us?  Her kind is the worst of the worst.  I would rather die from the hands of this Trader, than except help from her.

Mother.  You have to let the past go. That war was centuries ago.

And centuries ago, her and her kind destroyed thousands of our people.

But, mother, our people gave them no choice.  Our ancestors went through the galaxies destroying other races in an attempt to take over other worlds.

We were driven from our homes by the Traders. We had to become a warrior people to survive. Look at us now, we are just a fraction of our past glory. Our powers have been diluted mixing with these inferior humans.  You and your brother are the last hope of our true people. My family made a point of keeping our bloodline pure so that one day we would join with others and reclaim what should be ours. I do not welcome this Protector.

Mother is it time you let go of the past. The Protectors were doing what they were born to do, protect the worlds in their care.  We were allow to live if we promised to stop destroying others. Very few of our people accepted that offer.  We are now a different people who still needs your strength, wisdom and guidance to ensure we makeit into far into the future.

I cannot allow a Protector to help.

Mother, I will not let you die.  I will defeat this Trader.  I will free our people from his kind forever, but you must let me get help.  This Protector has been my friend and manager for many years.  I trust her.  This world we live on is hers to protect.

Why have you kept this from me for so long? How could you befriend an enemy our people.

She is a friend of our people and I will prove it. At this moment she is requesting permission from her council to lend her powers to our struggle.

They will never allow it. And if she disobeys them, they will strip her of her powers. I will not allow it Katrina!

Mother I have always obeyed you.  I love you and respect you, but I will use her help. It is up to me to save you and our people from this threat and I will.  We have survived too long.


Yes mother

My butterflies are dying.

I know

Before long they will cease to exist.

They will be reborn as will you.

You promise.

With my life.

Meanwhile beyond the confines of earth heaven and physics, Tempie sheds her earthly skin.  Before her the sphere of the council spins.

I come to ask for you support and permission to help the Bottle People.  A rogue Trader has entered their world and stole the bottle of their matriarch. She is dying.  This Trader is so powerful, he can literally wipe out their entire population after he destroys her.

Why would you help them? You know their history. They were a violent people.  They tried to wipe out so many races of people.  We would have destroyed them all if not for you. We allowed you to let live those on the planet called earth.

And now I want to continue to save them.  I am their protector.

But you are aware it is no longer acceptable to involve one's self in the rescue of a single group.

Then you will not support me?

We cannot support or allow you to interfere

How can you call  yourselves Protectors?  What are you protecting now?
I cannot sit back and watch a whole group of people be destroyed.  We have become so concerned with rules that we have forgotten what it takes to live in our true selves.

If you proceed, we will have no choice but to strip you of your universal powers. You would be required to live upon the earth and protect it.

That is preferable than allowing these people to be destroyed.

Temperance, you are one who has been endowed with a heart we do not understand.  Our role does not allow to care for one group over another.  WE are here to maintain the balance to keep the worlds from colliding or spinning out of control

I believe if this Trader is allow to win, that is exactly what will happened.

We seriously doubt one rogue Trader can upset our worlds.

You might as well take from what you will now.

No, we will wait.  We are confident you will find the right path before it is to late.

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