Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sergio is the one Latino doll I've been able to find.  He looks a little mean and tough, but he gets along fine with all the other boys.

Buffalo Soldier

Yes, I know I used a corny backdrop - a buffalo for a buffalo soldier.

This 12" doll represents a First Sergent of the 10th U.S. Cavalry from the 1870's.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wesley Snipes as The Blade

Wesley character's name was  Eric "Blade" Brooks in the film.  He is half vampire who is motivated to kill all vampire.  The figure is 12". He dressed in a leather outfit.  His hair is pretty unique which I will display in later post. 

Laurent - The Black Vampire from Twilight - The Movie

Laurent is a 17" inch doll from The Tonner Company.

A dark-haired, olive-toned vampire, Laurent is a member of James' coven in Twilight. When James and Victoria choose to track and murder Bella, Laurent leaves them and travels to Denali, Alaska, hoping to find solace among a coven of "vegetarian" vampires. He never adopts their strict diet of drinking animal blood, and "cheats" by occasionally feeding on humans. During this stay he takes a special liking to a vampire named Irina, though the infatuation is not strong enough to keep him there, as he later returns to Forks in New Moon as a favor to Victoria. During this visit, he stumbles across Bella and tries to kill her, before being ambushed by the Quileute wolves and subsequently destroyed.

Laurent is portrayed by Edi Gathegi in Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Edi Mue Gathegi (born March 10, 1979) is a Kenyan-American film, stage and television actor. He is best known for his recurring character Dr. Jeffrey Cole (aka "Big Love") in the television series House, as Cheese in the 2007 film Gone Baby Gone and as Laurent in the films Twilight, its sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Darwin in the new film X-Men: First Class.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Slick is in the House!

The 12" figure was made by a company called Enterbay.  It's their take on the street gangest, so they named him Gang 2, but he prefers to be called 'Slick'.  I never saw Gang 1.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Obama - Hot Toys

Here are a few pictures of Barack Obama.  He is 12" inches. Create by Hot Toys with the TrueType body.  He and his clothes were purchased from the site Cotswold Collectibles.

More to come...

Mace in Action

Ty - Jamieshow

Here's Ty, a fashion BJD from Jamieshow.  He quite the handsome dude looking good in his satin finest.  He stands about 17".  His face is pretty expressive and is definitely a nature in front of the camera.

He enjoys a big cup of coffee in the mornings under the California sun just to jumpstart the day.  Stick around for more about Ty and his life.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Nori is one of my favorite.
He stands about 27 inches.  He is one of 25 the artist, Donn Kinney is making. Donn's website is  Nori has a muscular masculine body, which you will see more of in future posts.  He poses easily and is of great quality.  I hope to get enough money to have Donn create a custom doll for me.

Nori's tee-shirt and jeans come from  His vest from iplehouse and the hat from nine9style.

Enjoy the rest of the pics and look for more in the future.

Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson)

Meet Mace Windu played by Samuel L. Jackson in the 2005 Star Wars movie Revenge of the Sith.  This dude stands about 19 inches.  He comes with a hooded cape, a second pair of hands and of course the light saber. Although he doesn't have feet, look for him again dressed in civilian clothes. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Aaron is a BJD from  He is 65 cm or just over 2 feet. I saw a photo of Aaron on the internet one day, which lead me to the website.  Iplehouse has 'Limited' and 'Custom' dolls.  I wanted the limited Aaron, but I had missed the ordering period, so I opted for the custom version.

The custom version seems to lack the edge the limited version has.
 I added his moustache because I think it makes him look more masculine and gives him more of an edge. What you think?

Anyway he is still a great doll!


A little bit more about Wilson:

Wilson is a custom doll and one of a kind created by a company called  The company is located in Korea, where a lot of companies making BJD or Ball Jointed Doll are located. Wilson is 64 cm tall.  He came without his face painted, although I requested it be painted. I tried my hand at it. I will be repainting it later.  It does not look the way I want it.

There a ton of accessories for these dolls, but again most companies selling them are overseas.

Wilson also has a custom color for his skin.  Adding any darker tones increases the doll's cost.

I can't recommend to anyone because of the trouble I had just getting this one complete and shipped.  First, the company website states it takes only 40 days from ordering to receiving the finish product.  After a series of emails, I finally received partial shipment after 90 days.  The body still smelled of the final sealer, so I had to set it in the garage for a week. The face was not painted and the joints not strung correctly - something I will try to correct later.  The custom order comes with two heads. I received one.  So I email again.  Finally, I got the second head and it was not even colored.  This is the first bad experience I've had so far.  I don't plan to deal with them again.


I'm glad you found my blog! The head at the beginning of this blog is a doll rendition of me - Wilson. There is still work to be done on the face. It's my first attempt at painting a face. I hope to share with you and you with me great doll figures, facts and where to find them. I plan to challenge my creativity by displaying each figure in fun and interesting settings.

I am drawn to the more interesting figures which includes many ethnic types since they tend to be less available.