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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Segnarts The Opening

It took two coffee dates for Maxwell to convince Katrina to come sing at the bar on opening night.
He rather enjoyed the time alone with her, but he had wished it was for other reasons.

Katrina knew she was going to sing at the club before Maxwell suggested meeting over coffee.  She had hoped he would want to discuss more than the bar, but he never strayed.  She thought about holding off giving her answer for another date, but she was afraid he would stop asking.  She had forgotten how his deep voice made her weak and how she longed to be held within his strong arms, but the two nights having coffee together brought everything back.  He was the one man she saw as a potential mate, but he never expressed romantic interest in her.

She had confided in her mother years ago about how she felt about Maxwell, but her mother discouraged it. He was only a quarter la gente de botella, she would say with disdain.  His mother chose a human for her husband because she wanted her son to be more human than like us.  She knew, as I knew, if she or I had full blooded la gente de botella children there will come a time when they must stand before the evil and slay it.  I did not shrink from my duty, Katrina's mother would say.  Bonnie, Maxwell's mom, did.

Now Katrina understood what was at stake.  Her mother was dying from the evil draining her essence.  The secret bottle had been stolen and Katrina's mother was at the mercy of the one who held her bottle. Her essence being absorbed.  Katrina knew the fate of her mother and those of the town was in her hands, but that did not dampen her desire for Maxwell.

Armando, the  mayor, spent the week visiting every person in town telling them about the reopening of Max's.  He virtually commanded that they come out on opening night.  He mentioned Katrina was home and would be the singer.  They had to support Maxwell.and help a local business and stop throwing money away the K Club.

Opening night finally arrived.
Max's place was packed.  Katrina stepped out on stage and the lights went up.
Slowly and sweetly a sound as smooth as silk rose from her lips.  With each sound, her essence intensified. A perfume sweeter than life filled the room.

Armando had noticed Mr. Kemp had entered the bar, but he stood in a dark corner.  Armando smiled.  Just as he had hoped, Mr. Kemp would come to see what the fuss was about.  As Katrina belted out each note and her perfume chased away the air, Mr. Kemp stood enchanted.  It was if he was in a trance.  Armando knew his plan was working.

Than Katrina reached out her hand and her fingers seemed to point directly at Mr Kemp.  Her eyes found his in the velvet night.  They locked onto his. Her stare seemed to pull at his soul. Her voice coursed through his veins and her perfume drugged his senses.

Poor Dog

Nicky, she makes a good santa

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Coffee Shop

Where is she?  I guess I should go ahead and order something.  She's never  on time.
Well, you finally made it.  It great to see you see.  
Sorry, traffic was terrible.  I can never figure it out.  Why such a small town can have a traffic problem. Or maybe it's because I never need to drive in New York.

So what's going on?
Well, sis since you are staying in Segnarts for a while and...
And what?
Well, you see, Maxwell needs a singer.  He's trying to get business back from Mr. Kemp
Wait.  I'm here cause mom needs me.
But, don't  you want to keep your voice fresh?
Of course I do, but you know what I have to do is more important than maintaining my voice.  Mom is the matriarch of this town. If Mr. Kemp is allowed to win, it will upset all we know and even destroy mother.  That can not happen!
I know, I know. I'm here to help win that battle as well, but don't you think if we can break that spell he has the town's people under, we can get more help?

OK, little brother, if I agree to sing what good will it do?
You can use your talents.
I'm not sure I understand them yet.
Mom can help. It is your time after all
But I am not ready.  I still want to sing
Then sing at Maxwell's place.  Learn to use the gift you have inside to bring the people back and save this town.
You're right.  I can do this.  By the way, what's is Maxwell willing to pay and is he still as good looking?

Tempie and pet

The Ladies

Ready for a Cruise

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Segnarts City - Mr. K 3a

It is clear the people of this city have forgotten their history.  They are puppets in my hand.  Yet there are a few who have not yet succumb.  That Maxwell is a curious fellow.  He may be a little trouble, but this will be an easy victory.  The balance will be reset!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Part 3

Mayor, I understand you wanted to tell me something.
Uh, yeah.  The bar looks great! Your almost done, right?
Yes, I am.  I also think Aaron over there might have our star singer.  But that is not what I'm talking about.

Does Mr. Aaron also have something to do with what I am suppose  to tell you?
What do mean, sir?
You know.  What did you tell Max, I wanted to tell him?
Well, I um just asked if he knew about the 'la gente de botella'.  That's all.
THAT'S ALL!  That's enough.  Did you explain?
No, I told him I was not allowed.
Well Max, I guess I really should have told you a long time ago, but I really didn't see a need.  Everything was going really well.  Then Mr. Kemp came to town.  He has upset the balance of things.
Well, tell me what's going on.
Aaron, I will deal with you later.

Well, on that note, I guess I should be going so you two gentlemen can catch up.
Good idea..

Wow!  So what's the big secret?
It's really not a secret or it shouldn't be, but when your mother died, she told me she hadn't told you about the history of our town and its people.  I should have told you then, but I was afraid you might feel betrayed by your family.  You have to understand your mother thought there would never come a need to tell especially since there is nothing you can do to change things.

Max braced himself for the worst possible news.

remember as a kid how our parents were always threatening us when we did something wrong by saying the scary bottle people were going to get us?

Yeah, that was real silly, but scary at the time.  But now I know it's no different than Santa Claus.  What's weird is parents still scare children with that foolishness.

Well, it really not that foolish.


Bottle people really exist.

Come on. What's this all about?

Max, this town has secrets.  We are not like the rest of the people in other places.  Every once in a while 'normal' people stumble into town.  A few fit in, others get out faster than they arrived.  The ones that stayed married our people and had children.

Man, you're talking like we are some type of aliens or worst livestock.  I'm not sure I'm ready to hear this nonsense.  Pretty soon you  are going to tell me about having some strange powers.

Max became uneasy because he could tell the Mayor was telling the truth, but he didn't want to know the truth.  At least not now.

Look Max, I know this is hard to hear, but you are going to have to hear it sooner or later.  We need to start to band together because things are going to get rough around here.  I know Aaron told you Katrina was coming home to take care of her sick mother, but her mother is sick because of what's happening.  Katrina and Aaron's parents are full-blooded bottle people.

WHAT! What are you talking about? This is ridiculous. Really, I don't think I can sit and listen to any more of this crazy talk.

Max, just wait.  La gente de botella or the bottle people is part of all of our blood in this town.  Some of us have more blood of our ancestors and some have more of the normal blood, but each and everyone of us are descendants of the bottle people