Saturday, March 30, 2013

Armando with a New Faceup

Returning Home

Katrina finally returned from New York.
The job turned out to be a ruse by Mr. K.
The new club opening never happened.
The wealthy business man was just one of Mr. K.'s thugs.
But she returned home, a safe home.
She made the sacrifice he demanded.

This would be her first night singing in months. The trip to New York lasted 3 months instead of a couple of weeks.  Not once did she get a chance to sing. She know she needed to sing tonight. She needed to hide the pain of her sacrifice and show the joy of her mother's return to health.

With each piece of clothing Katrina added, her shield grew stronger.
She hoped her face gave no hint of the sorrow in her soul.

She lingered over each item as if they were the most fragile thing on earth, but it was her heart which lay broken

 No matter what, she could never reveal the promise she made to protect her town and her people until the day came for her to keep the promise.
And there would be a day she would have to honor that promise.
There is no way to alter the future to come.
She wanted to sing a song so sorrowful, it would make the world shed tears. She wanted everyone to feel the pain and loss within her soul, within her heart.
Home was so bittersweet.
It was time to go. It was time to sing.