Saturday, February 15, 2014

Comparing Beyour (David from Dollshe) to Maxwell (Taregan from iplehouse)

Beyour is really easy to pose. He will stand without falling. It takes effort to get Maxwell to stand without falling.  He fell completely off the table in series of shots.  I don't have the courage to find out what kind of damage he suffered.

Beyour's stance is more nature. Maxwell has to lean to stand.
Both have different bodies.  I like Maxwell's narrower waist. It makes his shoulders look broader. Beyour's body seems more natural.
Beyour's body is much more detailed and natural looking all around.

I Beyour's head could be a little bigger because without hair, it seems too small for the body.

They wear the same size clothes.  Although they both are supposed to have the same size feet, shoes are a tight fit for Beyour.