Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dollshe Craft is Celebrating it's10th Year Anniversary

As a recognition of the that celebration, I am posting a review.
My first awareness of Dollshe Craft was the result of reading doll forums.  Not long ago I ordered a doll from twigling named Ingenue who was made by Dollshe Craft.  The quality of the doll is great.  The ebony skintone is very different from other dolls I've order, but I like it.

Soon after that I started visiting the site on a regular basis.  Then they showed the picture of Ausley Love.
Her face was really unique. She also had creases etched into her lips.  I ordered her in ebony of course.  There were delays, but the company did a great job explaining the reasons for the delays which made the wait bearable.  They decided to give all of her extra parts for the wait. So she came with 3 chest sizes, open  and sleepy eyes heads, as well as another set of hands. A really nice gesture!

The company even contacted me later because they felt the original joints did not allow her to pose easily, so they sent a new set of knees, elbows and the pads free of charge.  That is what I call great customer service!

Now, I have on order two of the David sculpt. He is really fascinating with a extremely realistic body and interesting face. I can't wait for them to arrive.  Now they have introduced another sculpt and have two more coming. They look great!

Dollshe Craft dolls and the work they do have allowed them to celebrate 10 great years and if they continue to provide the work they do today, they will be around another 10 years.

See my Ausley Love below (Her name is Oya)
Link to Dollshe Craft