Friday, November 30, 2012

A Month Later

So boss, are we ready to reopen? Things are looking really great.
The stage is not complete and besides I have not found a singer yet!
What about open mike night!
Yeah, that will be Tuesday night, but I doubt we will find anyone who can bring in customers who pay to drink.
By the way, stop eating all the nuts. Those are paying customers.  I need you to unpack the wine glasses and put them away.

We need more liquor.  Have you reconsidered adding wine racks in the top shelves?
Yes, I'm just waiting on a new shipment.  The wine racks have to be custom.  I imagine we will be working on this place for a long time just to get it the way I want.
I have an idea.
Oh no, Aaron what is it now?
Now hear me out.  I think I have a solution for a singer.

Well you remember my sister, right?
You mean, Katrina?
Of course I remember her.  I had a crush on her all during high school.  Didn't she move up to NY to pursue a singing career?
She did, but she's coming home for a while.
Yeah.  Our mom is sick and Katrina wants to spend some quality time with her.
Well, maybe I can convince her to sing her.
No way!  Do you know how much that would cost me if she did?  Beside why would she trade NY for this little place?
I think she might want to make sure her voice stays in shape, so this job would be right for her.
I can't pay what she made in NY.
I don't think she will ask for that much.
Wow, if you could get her to sing here, it would be great!  How long is she staying?
Don't know, but maybe you can convince her to stay for a while if you treat her right - wink, wink.
What are you suggesting?
Oh nothing.  I will talk to her when she arrives.  On another topic, did the mayor tell you about the 'la gente de botella'.
Nooo. what is that?
Darn, I was hoping he would have told you by now. It helps explain the new club.  Ask him about it.
Why can't you tell me?
Not allowed.
So why bring it up.
Just ask the mayor.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Hats & Headgear

Top Hat

Brothers - Both dolls are Chaka by Granado, but with a different skintone and face-up.  Mr, Kemp on the left 
has the new body, hands and feet.  Marcos, on the right has the default faceup and Mr. Kemp's face was done by Laurie Lenz

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mr. Kemp

Kemp is the Chaka doll from Granado in sunshine skintone

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Guy - Kemp

Kemp is from Granado.  Originally named Chaka
He is the sunshine skin tone version of Marcos who is also on this blog.  Marcos has the chocolate skin tone.

Pictures are by Laurie Lenz who did the face-up as well

It is amazing how changing the skin color and face-up can make the same sculpt look so different.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012