Segnarts City ... A Tale

Hey Maxwell, I was out on my morning jog and saw you in here working. How's the renovation  coming along?
Hey Mayor nice of you drop in, but don't get me started.  I'm waiting for Saul to finish the carpentry; then get everything painted;
bring in all the new stuff and then try to pass inspection.  You look a little sweaty, want a glass of water?
Yeah sure, thanks.

Quite frankly, I'm still a little concerned that all this work and money will not bring back customers. Every since
the K Club opened, people have stayed away from here.
Look Max, I told you this is going to work.  Just get the place open.
If it doesn't work, I'm on the streets.  I still don't think people in this town is ready for a jazz club.  Besides I need singers,
a band and a way to pry folks out of that fancy club.  By the way did anyone look into that guy's background?
It strange someone swoops into town like ours, opens a  LA style fancy club and people flock to it all the time.
I know it seems strange, but there is nothing on this guy.  I give him credit for betting his money on a town like ours.
We just got to get you back in business.  Trust me on this.  We will find a singer or two, and bring people back here.
Look, I got to go, but let's grab a drink later.
Sure Mayor

Seriously, this had better work!

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