Friday, June 28, 2013


Victor is a Granado V-01 model in ebony
He is Leila brother and a high paid fashion model

New Girl

It's taken her 8 months to arrive.  I haven't found a name for her and her face is not done, but she is finally here.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Back Home

Wow! Leila is that you?
Hey Armando. How are you?
It's been a long time . What brings you back home?
My uncle died last week.
Oh yes, that's right.  I am really sorry about that.
No problem. I here for the funeral and may stay awhile until my aunt recovers.  They were so close. It will be hard on her.

You heard about Maxwell and Katrina - right?
Yes, I heard, I am happy for them.
Yes, really.
Where your brother Victor? Is he coming in also?
Yes, but I think he is struck somewhere in New Jersey, but he should be here any day.
Oh, Armando, this is my son Jerab.

Nice to meet you Jerab.
Nice to meet you sir.

So, Leila, the rumors were true about why you left town.
Yes, I am afraid so, but that is behind me now.
I'm happy with my life.

Good, good.  Do you mind if...

Don't ask. It no ones concern.

Well, how about you and Victor come down to Maxwell's club so we can catch and relive the old days.

Sure. I guess we should get going.  I hope to see you again.
Bye Leila

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Reception

The Ceremony


The Bride

The Groom

Best Man & Maid-of-Honor

Random Wedding Shots

Wedding Day - Arrival of the Guests

The day had finally arrived. Katrina and Maxwell were to be married. The excitement in town pulsed through every street, around every corner and through every window.  That excitement stopped at Katrina’s mother door. Although she had given her blessing for the wedding to proceed, there was darkness in the future. She dared not tell Katrina about her feelings, so she feigned illness as an excuse not to attend the wedding.  This created great sadness in Katrina because the one person in her life she wanted and needed to be part of this ceremony would not be.  But the wedding would go on.

People begin gathering in the park. It was magical. Flowers, trees and grass seem to put on their most dramatic views.  Butterflies of all types and sizes fluttered around fanning the fragrant aroma of flowers. The breeze seemed to carry a tune so faint, yet so clear, that no one could be anything but joyous. This event seemed ordained by destiny. Blessed by the spirits and sanctioned by the universe.  People gathered and greeted each other as if they had been reunited after years of separation.  They knew this was a special day.

Armando disappointed he was not the best man, but delighted to officiate the wedding and to join his best friend in marriage.  He decided after the wedding he would create a deputy mayor position so he would not be the only person in town who could perform weddings.  Although he loved them, he hoped one day to be joined and could not bear the thought of having to bring someone in from another town to marry him.  He too had longed for this day to come.  It meant a continuation of all things good in this town.  He trusted Katrina would be a strong leader for this town and now stronger with the man she loved by her side.

Sidra, Katrina’s cousin, spent time catching up on all things since her return. Her life as the wife of a diplomat had taken her around the world, but she knew she would return to her home. This moment felt right. Her husband was killed in a coup in a small country and she barely made it out alive. With many years left to live, she wanted them to be in the place she grew up in.  Whether love finds her again, she does not care for the one true love she has already had. Because of that loss, she carries a hint of sadness in her eyes.

Aaron was excited as anyone to have Maxwell become his brother-in-law.  He has always looked up and admired him.  It excited him more to be chosen as the best man even though he knew he was a second choice.  He didn’t matter how or why he was chosen, he would be a part of something special.  He fought to hold back tears as he imagined how beautiful his sister would be. He hoped that one day he could find someone as special as she, but until then this was as much his wedding as hers. Katrina had come home to stay; Maxwell will soon be his brother and Kemp had vanished from town.

Temperance reluctantly agreed to be Katrina’s maid-of-honor, not because she doesn’t feel Katrina is her dearest friend, but because it brings her closer to earthly rituals.  She has already angered her elders by assisting fighting against the trader.