Friday, June 14, 2013

Back Home

Wow! Leila is that you?
Hey Armando. How are you?
It's been a long time . What brings you back home?
My uncle died last week.
Oh yes, that's right.  I am really sorry about that.
No problem. I here for the funeral and may stay awhile until my aunt recovers.  They were so close. It will be hard on her.

You heard about Maxwell and Katrina - right?
Yes, I heard, I am happy for them.
Yes, really.
Where your brother Victor? Is he coming in also?
Yes, but I think he is struck somewhere in New Jersey, but he should be here any day.
Oh, Armando, this is my son Jerab.

Nice to meet you Jerab.
Nice to meet you sir.

So, Leila, the rumors were true about why you left town.
Yes, I am afraid so, but that is behind me now.
I'm happy with my life.

Good, good.  Do you mind if...

Don't ask. It no ones concern.

Well, how about you and Victor come down to Maxwell's club so we can catch and relive the old days.

Sure. I guess we should get going.  I hope to see you again.
Bye Leila

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