Saturday, December 8, 2012

Coffee Shop

Where is she?  I guess I should go ahead and order something.  She's never  on time.
Well, you finally made it.  It great to see you see.  
Sorry, traffic was terrible.  I can never figure it out.  Why such a small town can have a traffic problem. Or maybe it's because I never need to drive in New York.

So what's going on?
Well, sis since you are staying in Segnarts for a while and...
And what?
Well, you see, Maxwell needs a singer.  He's trying to get business back from Mr. Kemp
Wait.  I'm here cause mom needs me.
But, don't  you want to keep your voice fresh?
Of course I do, but you know what I have to do is more important than maintaining my voice.  Mom is the matriarch of this town. If Mr. Kemp is allowed to win, it will upset all we know and even destroy mother.  That can not happen!
I know, I know. I'm here to help win that battle as well, but don't you think if we can break that spell he has the town's people under, we can get more help?

OK, little brother, if I agree to sing what good will it do?
You can use your talents.
I'm not sure I understand them yet.
Mom can help. It is your time after all
But I am not ready.  I still want to sing
Then sing at Maxwell's place.  Learn to use the gift you have inside to bring the people back and save this town.
You're right.  I can do this.  By the way, what's is Maxwell willing to pay and is he still as good looking?


  1. Nice photostory! Performing at Maxwell's may be what it takes to bring the small town alive.