Saturday, July 2, 2011


Aaron is a BJD from  He is 65 cm or just over 2 feet. I saw a photo of Aaron on the internet one day, which lead me to the website.  Iplehouse has 'Limited' and 'Custom' dolls.  I wanted the limited Aaron, but I had missed the ordering period, so I opted for the custom version.

The custom version seems to lack the edge the limited version has.
 I added his moustache because I think it makes him look more masculine and gives him more of an edge. What you think?

Anyway he is still a great doll!


  1. I thought that Aaron was out of production list of Iplehouse! I have my very first BJD of its Aaron a few years thrill to have him in my collection and he is still my favorite! Having said that I only have 2 of such big size guy! Besides, Aaron, I have a Super Gem Spinel of SOOM!


  2. I like Aaron, but I want him to look like the ones they use for limited edition, so I may try to get a repaint.