Saturday, July 2, 2011


A little bit more about Wilson:

Wilson is a custom doll and one of a kind created by a company called  The company is located in Korea, where a lot of companies making BJD or Ball Jointed Doll are located. Wilson is 64 cm tall.  He came without his face painted, although I requested it be painted. I tried my hand at it. I will be repainting it later.  It does not look the way I want it.

There a ton of accessories for these dolls, but again most companies selling them are overseas.

Wilson also has a custom color for his skin.  Adding any darker tones increases the doll's cost.

I can't recommend to anyone because of the trouble I had just getting this one complete and shipped.  First, the company website states it takes only 40 days from ordering to receiving the finish product.  After a series of emails, I finally received partial shipment after 90 days.  The body still smelled of the final sealer, so I had to set it in the garage for a week. The face was not painted and the joints not strung correctly - something I will try to correct later.  The custom order comes with two heads. I received one.  So I email again.  Finally, I got the second head and it was not even colored.  This is the first bad experience I've had so far.  I don't plan to deal with them again.


  1. You did great on the repaint...and this is your first repaint wow!