Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sergnarts City - After the Show

Katrina had been performing at Maxx’s for two weeks now.  Maxwell has avoided talking to her alone, but the bar was empty now except for him and Katrina. He was trying to clean-up before leaving, but she stuck around.

So Maxwell, what do you think of the shows?

They are great!

Is there anything you would like me to change?


Add or stop doing?

Maxwell thought to himself, please go away and stop talking to me.

No, Katrina your shows are wonderful. The people are coming back.  The K Club is empty some nights, I’m making money again and it’s going great.
By the way, I heard your mother still isn’t doing any better.

Maxwell, you know I need to get her bottle back before she gets better and before it’s too late, but don’t change the subject.

What about me?

Wha, what do you mean?

Do you find me attractive?

What kind of question is that? 

A reasonable one. Are you going to answer?

Look Katrina if you were someone else’s daughter, there would be no problem.  But you are the matriarch of this town’s daughter. Your mother hated my mother for taking the easy way out.  How many time do you think I need to hear your mother tell me she would cut my heart out if I even thought of touching you.  You are off limits to me.

Seriously? You are afraid of my mother? 

Yes.  I basically human. I have nothing to give.  Your mother could wipe me off this planet with a single thought.

Maxwell, you have a lot to learn.  It is a shame your mother hid all of this from you. 

Mayor filled me in.

I don’t think he told you everything.

How would you know?

Because there are some things about our people and this town only a few know about.  If you let me, I would love to teach you.

That is not the wisest thing to do.


I don’t know!  It just is not.

Maxwell relax.  If you let me teach about our world, I promise not to  suggest or do anything you don’t want to do.  We can meet up and talk.  I can show you things and help you get in touch with your culture. It is truly a beautiful one.  Let me teach you what I know.

Ok Katrina, but if you promise to not put me in any compromising position. 
Great! We can start tomorrow since the bar is closed.  Dinner?
Great! Pick me up at 7, Ok?
See yeah!

Oh man what am I getting me self into?  I want to be with her so bad.
Wait a minute! She never promised!

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  1. Katrina knows how to get what she wants. Lol! He melted like butter. : )