Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Segnarts - The Trader

The Soul & Essence Trader

A little about Mr. Kemp (K).  He is a Trader. He trades in souls and essence.  Traders appear about once every one thousand human years to gather souls or bottles of essence to trade among the galaxy.  Without traders certain groups would never die. They would multiple, crowding out the worlds.  And without them, certain groups would never live.  This is how it has been for millions of years.

The souls are provided as life sources to Surface tribes among the galaxy who cannot create their own life sources.  They lay in suspended animation until a soul is delivered. They in turn pay the trader with safe passage through space.  Like one single organism, they cannot exist without each other.  Traders can live for eternity provided they gather and deliver the souls to the tribes. It is essentially the Trader’s duty.

On the other hand, Traders enjoy stealing bottles of essence.  Each bottle holds the life force and powers of its owner.  Buyers pay huge sums just to get a drop of essence.  Each essence is scented with a fragrant so sweet and powerful, that nations have won wars by using it to subdue its enemies.  First one must find the bottle which is shielded and hidden by its owner.  Once the bottle is in another possession, its owner begins to age.  As each drop of essence is removed, the owner comes closer to death. 

Sometimes Traders use the essence for themselves to hold command over nations for Traders have no powers of their own. They, unlike other people of the galaxy must gather power from the Surface tribes to travel safely and from the ‘La gente de botella’ for other powers.  If the bottle is broken before all of the essence is gone, the essence fills the galaxy, providing the seed for another world where the La gente de botella may dwell, but its owner dies and becomes a star in the cold dark space.

Mr. K has captured the bottle of Segnarts oldest and most powerful citizen, Modara.  She is the mother to Katrina and Aaron, both full-blooded bottle people.  Modara has lived fifteen hundred years.  Her husband sacrificed his bottle so that his wife could live at least another thousand years, but Mr. K has upset the balance. He has arrived five hundred years too early.  He had heard Modara processed the power to make time stand still. She has grown so powerful that she could freeze the galaxy for eternity if she chooses. 

His early arrival has set in motions a series of events that threaten to destroy the galaxy, yet he is unaware.  He has broken the rule which no Trader had dared break before.  Far off at the edge of the galaxy dark gaseous clouds form slowly absorbing the edges of the galaxy.  All unbeknownst to its inhabitant. 

Modara felt stupid for not doing a better job of shielding and hiding her bottle. After all, she thought she had another five hundred years before a Trader would dare approach, but Mr. K surprised her. The bottle people are not prepared.  They are like lambs being led to slaughter, at least those who are at least three quarters la gente de botella. 

Modara knows she must defeat the Trader.  No skillful Trader has ever been destroyed for he or her had gathered the powers to defend against all, but this Trader has upset the balance.  He had moved to steal the essences too early.

 Modara now must enlist her daughter to fight against this evil. She must teach Katrina about her powers.  She must teacher how to use them before Mr. K destroys the universe.


My dear boy, you should have seen her. She is beautiful, far prettier than her mother.  Her essence commands a hundred butterflies.  They flutter about her like no other.  Her scent is enchanting. But the most important thing about her is her voice.  Her voice has the power to freeze minds or make listening obey all of her wishes.  When she sings, no one can ignore her.  It is a power so great she could break her mother’s spell.  Yet, I do not know where she shields her bottle. I must have her and her essence.

She must be my queen and help rule the universe.  I know longer want to slave to gather souls.  I want to be free of that dredger. Tell me Nori, can you just imagine her as my queen, sitting upon this throne waiting for my commands.

Awwww, Katrina my love.  I will have you.  I will have this universe. 

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