Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Red Queen - A Short Story

In a land between yesterday and tomorrow lives a Red Queen.  It is her wish to own everything red.
So daily she sends her subjects into the outside world to find things colored red. If one fails to bring back a red item, she would order her guards to cut off a finger or a toe.

But with each new red item, she felt over joyed.  The gifts came daily, yet there was one gift she wanted more than anything else - Red Shoes. One subject found a red crown shaped like a heart.  Surely he thought this  would delight the queen, perhaps he hoped she would forget about red shoes,
She was more than delighted, but alas, she stilled longed for red shoes.

Another subject found a beautiful red bottle.  He knew this was the gift to help the queen forget about red shoes.

My that is pretty, the queen enthused.
Just lovely.

Haw! thought the subject. She is satisfied and no longer wants red shoes.
Yet, the queen sighed. Are there no red shoes to be found? she asked.

The subject nodded no.
Then I shall offer 1 million red dollars to the one who finds me red shoes.
The queen wore no shoes and her royal feet were always cold.

The next day the subject brought another gift.  A red teapot.  Surely worthy of a red queen.

Awwww.... It will be lovely drinking my afternoon tea from such a lovely red teapot.
But still no shoes?

Well then, I shall not only award $1 million, I will also give my heart to the one who brings me a pair of red shoes.

With that, the queen waited, but still gifts came...

A red silk cloth, but no shoes..

Red beads, but no shoes.
The queen begin to despair that her feet will never be warm or she might have to cover them in something other than red.

Please Find me Red Shoes! she shouted. I Must Have Red Shoes! My feet are Freezing!
All of her subjects tried all kinds of things to please the queen. 

Finally, one subject had an idea. He would dye a pair of shoes red.

When the subject came with the red shoes, the queen screamed with delight. She was so happy, her heart shaped crown disappeared.  She took the subject by the hand and looked up into his eyes and smiled.
My husband.

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